Our Staff

The State of California requires Early Childhood Educators have twelve Early Childhood Education units. Happy Campers teachers exceed those requirements!  Happy Campers feels early childhood professionals must constantly continue to improve their craft through education, workshops and professional organizations.  Happy Campers also subscribes to a high quality online training program, allowing our staff to freely take courses in areas they wish to develop.  We can also assign individual courses to staff in areas in need of further education or improvement.  We offer flexible schedules so staff may continue to grow as educators.  While Happy Campers believes higher education is key to providing a quality environment, we also know other qualifications are just as important, if not equal, to our hard earned education.  Patience, caring and a love of children along with a sense of humor, professionalism, and an open mind make for a quality teacher.  We feel this is why our center is able to boast about its low staff and family turnover!

"I am always so impressed with how personable the staff is.  They know all the children by name, not just the ones in their class.  Staff are engaged with children and know everything that is going on.  They are also very comforting.  I always feel that my children are special and that I am supported in my parenting goals." 

                                         ~Michelle V.


"I feel like the staff is an extension of our family.  I know they truly have my kids' best interests at heart.  It is important to me that my kids are happy.  I know that the staff is encouraging happiness.  Honestly, they make me feel like my kid is their favorite!"

                                        ~Allison W.

Happy Campers teachers provide safe and engaging environments that are geared for success.  We want children to feel good about themselves so they will develop a love for learning.  Teachers are warm, connected, supportive, enthusiastic and give children the opportunity to express ideas.  Teachers encourage positive behavior and self-regulation by rewarding good behavior.  Most important are the connections they make with each child.  While each age group has unique age appropriate goals, teachers use materials and activities to encourage development in responsibility, curiosity, independence, language, math and science.

We support Early Childhood Education Standards by subscribing to a thoughtfully planned, age appropriate curriculum for every child over 18 months of age.  Our teachers can feel confident in the lessons provided and parents can feel good about a quality education.  Staff also provide daily opportunities for communication between home and school via a secure app built to suit school to home communication.