Welcome SUHSD Employees

Happy Campers is excited to be the SUHSD child care choice solution for its employees.  We share the same concerns regarding the high cost of living in our area.  Educators, especially, are finding it difficult to live a comfortable life in our community.  It is for this reason Happy Campers has teamed up with SUHSD to help lessen child care costs.  As the wife of a Redwood City School District 5th grade teacher, our executive director understands the challenges first hand. Happy Campers will remove the stress of finding high-quality care at a reasonable price for district employees.

Happy Campers is the perfect partner to serve the needs of SUHSD teachers and employees.  Our program has been part of the San Carlos Community for over 25 years, serving over 1000 families to date.  Some of those children could be in your classes today.  We stay connected with families, which is one of the reasons Happy Campers has a strong reputation in the community.  We have been recognized by premier community communications for our efforts for many years.  We are in excellent standing with Community Care Licensing and have had seamless transactions, making several changes to our programs in an effort to better serve the needs of the community.  As a result, our programs are completely full.  Happy Campers was thrilled to learn about the opportunity to expand; after a thorough RFP process we were able to secure classroom space and offer child care at a significant discount!

What to do next?

  • SUHSD employees may join our wait list for FREE

  • Stay connected and like www.facebook.com/happycamperspreschool.  We will share updates and photos of the progress there

  • CONTACT THE SITE DIRECTOR at 650.593.2005